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HB LED lamps. The bright side.

The company

ALFA Ltd. would like to present innovative lighting solution based on LED technology. Portfolio of our products consists of indoor and outdoor lamps designed for different types of infrastructure. By using the revolutionary lighting technology, ALFA Ltd. has managed to produce high-end performance products with exceptionally low power consumption. Simplified construction and long life durability along with lack of harmful substances makes ALFA lamps an eco-friendly product.

Please check our offer and gallery with accomplished projects of lighting systems.


Photovoltaic Farms


In the area of Ostrzeszów on several hectares of land they formed the two largest in the country photovoltaic farms. Our company has provided adequate lighting area specially dedicated ALFA HBLED luminaire.


Alfa lights are divided into 5 subgroups of products. Each group is designed for a different type of industrial facilities. In our offer you can find lamps for indoor and outdoor lighting systems. If you are interested in illuminating streets or sidewalks, please check our STREET LIGHTS products. If you are looking for an innovative solution to illuminate a tunnel or other underground infrastructure, take look into TUNNEL LIGHTS products. In the groups INDUSTRIAL LIGHTS (INDOOR AND OUTDOOR) you can find lamps designed for illuminating all other kinds of industrial infrastructure like f.e. warehouses, billboards, manufactures, reloading places, etc. Last group of products includes lights which can be used in the OFFICE SPACE. All mentioned products are based on the revolutionary LED technology which allows decreasing power consumption costs and saving the environment by eliminating all the harmful substances from lighting systems.

On each subpage you will find the product card which consists of all technical specifications.

Technologies that we use


Here, in ALFA HB LED we put a great effort into technologies that we use in our products. Thanks to that we can rest assured that the solutions that we provide are up to the highest quality standards, and are the most advanced on the market.

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